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Post  duinhaas on Wed Sep 18, 2013 2:52 am

This is the Birthday Quiz I promised you a few weeks ago. Probably the last quiz on the RT because twice in a row there was only 1 entry (Quaggy) to the questions I asked for. I don’t mind doing the effort to find suitable questions, so if I get more entries this month I might reconsider.
This month I’m not looking for answers with veggies, fruits or flowers. Just simple answers. Enjoy and have fun.
Main Questions:

Q 1 : From which song comes the melody of "Happy Birthday to You"?
Q 2 : What is the difference between the German version and the Swiss German version of the
Q 3 : How does the parody of the song sound in the Netherlands?
Q 4 : What was in May 1962 one of the most famous performances of "Happy Birthday to
         You" ?

Subsidiary Questions:

Duindistel has a cat called Musti. So let us go to duindistel’s garage once more to find out what cat food he has in store for Musti (canned and in foil pouch form).

Q 1 : What is
        A:  the total number of cat food in duindistel’s garage.
        B: the number of “Gourmet Perle”  
        C: the number of “Gourmet à la Carte”
        D: the number of “Whiskas Steamed”

Hints :
Attention: I also found “Gourmet Gold” and “Sheba” in the” garage so A is not the sum of B, C and D.

Hint 1 : The numbers I’m looking for are a “noncototient”, a “Blum integer”, an “enneagonal number” and a “four-bit binary complement of number     nine” but not in that order
Hint 2 : 7C + D = A

Hint 3 : D > B > C

Q 2 : Is the above true or false?

Q 3 : How many points will I have on the 31st of October at midnight (local time)?

Answers should be entered before the 31st of October at noon (local time).

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