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QUEST 91 - 55,555 red cabbages, 12,500 olives, 25,000 cherries and 15,000 plums
13th Emperor's quest
After the successful rocket-launch, the gnomes are planning to introduce a special public holiday in your honour. We are planning a great summer party with band, barbecue and dancing. Unfortunately we aren't sure yet, who is going to deliver the snacks. Please be so kind and participate by sending in 55,555 red cabbages, 12,500 olives, 25,000 cherries and 15,000 plums.
Deliver 55,555 red cabbages, 12,500 olives, 25,000 cherries and 15,000 plums, so the gnomes won't run out of snacks during the summer-party.

QUEST 92 - 65,000 pumpkins, 135,000 asparagus, 45,555 apples and 33,333 cherries
14th Emperor's quest
Football fever has broken out in Green Valley! Your Empire has the honour of being the venue of this year's Gnome-Championships. Thousands of spectators have traveled to Green Valley, to watch the games and cheer for the competing teams. In order to cater for the visitors, we need 65,000 pumpkins, 135,000 asparagus, 45,555 apples and 33,333 cherries. Hopefully it'll be worth it and we will win the cup! As host, you can be certain of the gnomes' praise and gratitude, and look forward to a replication of the "Golden Ball", that the tourney's winner will receive.
Deliver 65,000 pumpkins, 135,000 asparagus, 45,555 apples and 33,333 cherries, to cater for the championship's visitors. As a reward, you will receive a golden card for your display garden.

QUEST 93 - 2,500,000.00 gB
15th Emperor's quest
Oh Emperor! because our beautiful country has been so successful during the championships, it is going to be admitted to the UMO! That would be the ideal platform to distribute our message of peace and garden-beautification to the world. So that a majority of UMO-members will support our application, we need 2,500,000.00 gB.
Deliver 2,500,000.00 gB, to convince the UMO-council of your memberships importance.

QUEST 94 - two slides and a sand-box
Master, as you know, there has been a regular baby boom in Green Valley during the past few years. Now the little tykes want to be entertained, but all playgrounds are already overflowing. Will you, in your infinite wisdom as Emperor donate 2 slides and a sand-box? Bright and happy child-eyes and 333,333 points shall be your reward!
Donate two slides and a sand-box for 333,333 points.

QUEST 95 - 50,000 plants of lavender
After the enormous success of Peter Sweetgnome's novel "The fragrant Perfume", the inhabitants of Green Valley have decided to turn the book into a movie. Of course they also want to show the impressive fields of lavender described by the author, but alas, the amateur-gardeners's meagre crops won't suffice… A task worthy of only a true Molehill Emperor! How about delivering 50,000 plants of lavender to the movie-crew? You will be rewarded with 200,000.00 gB, plus a free screening!
Deliver 50,000 plants of lavender for 200,000.00 gB.

QUEST 96 - 7,500 pumpkins
Scary thanksgiving
Thanksgiving in Green Valley! This time the inhabitants have come up with a truly special idea: Edible scare-crows. These are supposed to consist of cauliflower, cucumbers and pumpkins, but they still lack a few ingredients. Your chance, to show your goodwill to your busy people! Deliver 7,500 pumpkins, and you will receive 150,000 points.
Deliver 7,500 pumpkins for 150,000 points.

QUEST 97 - 50,000 walnuts, 44,000 plums, 25,000 raspberries and 25,000 blackberries
Model sizes
Oh great Molehill Emperor! After the designers Amarmi's last fashion parade, the beauty craze has once again caught Green Valley. Instead of doing researches, all the female gnomes are doing, is calculate their food's calories and fat-content. So they start enjoying their food once again, we would like to produce a delicious walnut-berry-mush with plums. They won't be able to resist it. Could you possibly support us by providing us with 50,000 walnuts, 44,000 plums, 25,000 raspberries and 25,000 blackberries? You will receive 1,500,000.00 gB as reward for your help.
Deliver 50,000 walnuts, 44,000 plums, 25,000 raspberries and 25,000 blackberries for 1,500,000.00 gB.

QUEST 98 - 11,111 walnuts
Princess and the walnut
A fair maiden has recently come to town, claiming she is the famous princess featured in the story "The Princess and the pea". The gnomes of Green Valley are amazed. Her identity being in doubt, they decided to prove it's really her. She still hasn't felt the pea, even after a bucketful of peas had been secretly poured under her mattresses. Now the gnomes would like you to deliver 11,111 walnuts. After all, the poor girl's reputation is at stake here. Would you do them the favor? They will reward you with 111,111 points.
Deliver 11,111 walnuts for 111,111 points.

QUEST 99 - 120,000 olives
Oh great Emperor! Downtown's Casino is out of Martini-olives. How unfortunate! Trustingly, the management decided to contact you, hoping you might use your powers to help them out of this pickle. So the gangsters and cool blondes can once again enjoy a glass of cool Martini, stirred or shaken, they are asking you for 120,000 olives, and are willing to pay you 500,000.00 gB.
Deliver 120,000 olives for 500,000.00 gB.

QUEST 100 - 1,000,000 spinach

Popway's muscles
The famous main-character of the new series "Popway" is scheduled to appear on this year's comic-fair. Afraid his muscles might deflate like a pierced balloon, he feeds solely on spinach. Unfortunately Green Valley's gnomes have used up the entire crop of spinach during their last spinach-feast. Of course we don't want the great film-star to suffer from hunger. Would you care to donate 1,000,000 plants of spinach for this good cause? The inhabitants of Green Valley will send you a slide to thank you for your help.
Deliver 1,000,000 spinach-plants for a slide.

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