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Post  Quaggy on Sat Nov 16, 2013 4:32 am

Well, here is the reply I received from Upjers following my complaint about Duffhead.  I won't be posting anymore on this topic on the Upjers websites (MHE or the Forum) as they have clearly been looking at the Regulars' Table posts that I've made!

Anyway, here is their reply with my comments:

Upjers wrote:Hello,

first of all, we'd like to thank you very much for your support request.

We are of course aware of the issue. However, as far as we can tell, insomuch as our reliable and longstanding administrator Duffhead has articulated a term that can be perceived as an insult, he has in the meantime apologized for his actions, which he has done on his own initiative, we'd like to add.
Fair enough.

Upjers wrote:Our moderators as well as our administrators have our full support in their running of our forums. That does not mean we don't take reports such as the one you sent us seriously, quite the contrary. All our team-members are bound to the same high standards. The fact that they are unfortunately not always able to agree with our players' feedback does not mean in any way that our players' opinions are not valued. It is most certainly our aim to remain impartial where we can.

Your point of view has been acknowledged by our forum administrators on several occasions. The first time Duffhead got involved in this particular thread, he has provided you with a link to the German forum, making sure you're provided with the relevant info to your question.
Again, fair enough, although Duffhead's choice of post was poor.  He then went on to quote information from many other sources that he hadn't previously mentioned.

Upjers wrote:This first post of his did not contain any insults, nor did it lack professionalism, and in no way did he embarrass our company. It merely contained a whimsical quip that was not meant insulting, and not directed at you in person.
Duffhead wrote:If you can't muster enough Olympic spirit, you're excused if you don't want to participate anymore, of course.
So that phrase, in a direct response to my post, wasn't directed at me?  Are these guys for real?  Thank God it was just a "whimsical quip"!

Upjers wrote:In your response (and in other places in the forum, such as the bugs section), you proceeded to antagonize Duffhead and the phrase he was using.
So I antagonized Duffhead now?  By using the harmless "whimsical quip" that he chose to level at me?

Upjers wrote:In return, he went on and satirized your user name, albeit in an unsubtle manner. He has apologized for his error (which indeed it was), and we accord utmost credibility to his apology.
So, not a whimsical quip this time, but satire!  Who'd have thought Duffhead was capable of that!

Upjers wrote:The issue at hand has been discussed internally in a quite thorough manner, and we can assure you that from now on, he will remain as level-headed as before.
Oh Jesus, let's hope not!

Upjers wrote:In closing, we would like to wish you a lovely weekend and continued happy gardening,
Happy gardening...  Hmmmm.

Personally I think this is a load of guff, and will continue to pick fights with Duffhead until they ban me.  Only then will I rest!

Happy Gardening all (as Upjers would say in a whimsical way).



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Duffhead!! Empty Re: Duffhead!!

Post  Mojo Queen on Sat Nov 16, 2013 9:19 am

Qnaggy, that was an apology!! Can't accept it?! Cool 
(only kidding!) But really.... Suspect  Well done Upjers, keep covering your butt!

Mojo Queen

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