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QUEST 71 - a zen garden
From: Town council Green Valley
The communities Hedgerow Ville and Green Valley are planning to expand their export-market and have invited the ambassador of wealthy Pang-Ping-Pong, to visit the local gardeners. As the ambassador has a reputation of being chronically homesick, his hotel-room is going to be designed in Pang-Ping-Pong-style. The hotel-manager of Hedgerow Ville's 5-star hotel "The Happy Allotment Holder" now urgently needs a zen-garden. Your diplomatic aide will reward you with 25,000 points.

QUEST 72 - 4000 roses, 2500 gerberas and 1250 lavender
From:Town council Green Valley
Green Valley's new town council has openly argued for an official intervention to stop Al Gardone's fruitful black mole-market. One day later, the desperate chairman Rudolph Rusty-Rake and his secretary Lewellyn 'O Hare are standing in front of their thoroughly mauled flower-beds... not even a single flower has survived the attack! Deliver 4,000 roses, 2,500 gerberas and 1,250 lavender to repair the damage. You will receive 25,000 points in exchange.

QUEST 73 - 4700 blueberries, 2400 blackberries and 900 plums
From:Town council Green Valley
The ice-cream manufacturers are celebrating their anniversary! In order to drawattention to this event, they are planning to create a special flavor. To produce the special edition "Blue Boss", they need 4,700 blueberries, 2,500 blackberries and 900 plums. As a token of gratitude, you will receive 72,000.00 gB.

QUEST 74 - 1 fire pit
From:Town council Green Valley
To celebrate Orlando Blommingfields, star of this year's blockbuster "Lord of the Treerings", the community Green Valley is organizing an exclusive Treering-Convention. Unfortunately the professional pyro-technicians have missed their connecting flight to Hedgerow Ville, which is why the organizers are now short of an atmospheric campfire. Please deliver a fire-pit to the organizational committee. In exchange, you will receive 150,000 points, and who knows, maybe you will run across Orlando Bloomingfields on the way...

QUEST 75 - 1100 lavender, 1000 marigolds and 900 garlic
From:Town council Green Valley
The amiable healer Selina is contacting Molehill Empire from the dimension Xenyoo. To prepare her healing potion, she lacks 1,100 lavender, 1,000 marigolds and 900 cloves of garlic. As she hasn't fully grasped the concept of conversion rates, an unscrupulous money changer managed to take her for a ride, so all she can pay you are a mere 15,000.00 gB's. But think of the honor that will be bestowed on you, when she tells of your munificence and grandeur on Xenyoo DW!

QUEST 76 - 4500 gerberas and 5300 lilies
From:Town council Green Valley
The Gnome Disco "Dancing Daffodil" has held its first single-party. To identify themselves, the male singles were supposed to adorn their button-holes with gerberas, while the female singles were asked to put a lily in their hair. Because of the large attendance, Hedgerow Ville's florist is now completely sold out. The owner urgently needs a delivery of 4,500 gerberas and 5,300 lilies and will pay you 12,000.000 gB.

QUEST 77 - 6000 potatoes, 2000 cauliflowers and 500 apples
From:Town council Green Valley
Green Valley's charity organization "We Care For Gnomes (WCFG)" is planning their annual summer camp for all adolescent gnomes. So the young gnomes are perfectly taken are of, the organization needs a few additional donations of vegetables and fruits. Deliver 6,000 potatoes, 2,000 cauliflowers and 500 apples. The good cause will earn you 30,000 points.

QUEST 78 - 12000 carrots and 6000 walnuts
From:Town council Green Valley
It all started with a carrot. For 10 days now, gardening guru River Lilacbush has honored the founding day of his allotment empire "Crispy Carrots" by holding a large carrot-pie party. Unfortunately his harvest has suffered badly by the rabbits of the new local rabbit breeding society RABIES, so he needs a delivery of 12,000 carrots and 2,000 walnuts. Lilacbush will reward you with 150,000 points.

QUEST 79 - 33,333 coffee-beans
1rst Emperor's quest
Oh mighty Emperor! Your Gnome-Discoverers are constantly bustling about on other continents, and came across an amazing plant. Coffee! Your subjects, however, don't seem to be that fond of the bitter stuff. Distribute 33,333 coffee-beans among your subject, to increase its popularity. Your people will surely thank you in the end!

QUEST 80 - 12,000 apples, pears and pumpkins each
2nd Emperor's quest
Oh dear! Our neighbouring country Gnomeville has been struck by a terrible famine. Their King is asking for your help. Deliver 12,000 apples, pears and pumpkins each, to ward off that plight. He has promised to reward your offers with an item from his own private collection.

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