New on the Belgian market: Curieuzeneuske

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New on the Belgian market: Curieuzeneuske     Empty New on the Belgian market: Curieuzeneuske

Post  duinhaas on Fri Oct 11, 2013 5:07 am

A cuberdon is a cone-shaped Belgian candy. In Dutch it is known as a neus (nose), Gentse neus (Ghent nose), or neuzeke (little nose) for its likeness to a human nose. In French, cuberdons are also called chapeau-de-curé and chapeau-de-prêtre (priest's hat).
Cuberdons are made with gum arabic. They are raspberry-flavored and purple. The outside is relatively hard, whereas the inside is gelatinous. Cuberdons can only be preserved for about three weeks, after which period the inside begins to crystallize. This limited preservability is the reason why cuberdons are not exported outside of Belgium.
In recent years, various derivative food products have been made, including cuberdon-flavored jenever, ice cream, dessert sauce and cookies.
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And now, on Saturday the 12th , the first cuberdonbeer will be presented at the celebration of Sint-Hubertus in Munte.
It has taken a long time before Curieuzeneuske (curious little nose), as the new beer is called, was perfect (the brewer had to start over 9 times). It doesn’t taste extremely sweet as one might expect but it is really well balanced where sweet, sour and bitter find each other in harmony. This new beer is dark brown with a light brown brew head and a percentage of alcohol of 7,3 degrees. It is not a copy of an already existing beer but a brand new product that one can either degust or on the other hand use in several dishes, especially stews. A beer that should be appreciated as well by men as by women.


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