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QUEST 51 - 2200 walnuts, 500 olives and 500 sunflowers
From: Town council Green Valley
To produce the delicious bread-spread "Gnomellaquot; we need the following ingredients: 2200 walnuts, 500 olives and 500 sunflowers. You will receive 88.888,00 gB.

QUEST 52 - 2000 lilies, 1000 orchids and 3000 roses
From: Town council Green Valley
You are caught in the middle of a dispute between the town Green Valley and the local gnome's syndicate. Unfortunately during the brawl, a tragic accident occurred: Al Gardone senior was struck down by onion rings. To pay our last respects, we need 2,000 lilies, 1,000 orchids and 3,000 roses.

QUEST 53 - 8000 tomatoes, 4000 peppers, 2000 onions and 800 olives
From: Town council Green Valley
Green Valley is expecting a visit by its twin town Bordeauxella. During the reception, the guests shall be entertained to a meal of Ratatouille, prepared in a gigantic pan. The chef needs another 8,000 tomatoes, 4,000 peppers, 2,000 onions and 800 olives. We'll pay you 15,000.00 gB on delivery.

QUEST 54 - 7500 red currants, 5000 carrots and 500 walnuts
From: Town council Green Valley
To celebrate gnome-mother's day, the town of Green Valley is baking a load of muffins. The local bakery needs another 7500 currants, 5000 carrots and 500 walnuts. They will pay you 33,333.00 gB.

QUEST 55 - 5555 olives
From: Town council Green Valley
The local gnome-mafia is asking for 5,555 Olives to secretly press their greasing oil. For your services, you will receive a small plot, that you may use as additional garden.

QUEST 56 - 8500 tulips
From: Town council Green Valley
There is always a reason to celebrate in Green Valley! Recent occasion is the windmill party, that will be held to honor the 500-year-anniversary of Green Valley's twin town Wortels aan Zee. Next to the specially erected windmill, the organizers are planning to create a colorful tulip-bed. The organizers need another 8,500 tulips, in order to complete their creation. As a thank-you you will receive a fountain, handmade in Wortels aan Zee.

QUEST 57 - 3500 spinaches, 2000 carrots and 2700 broccoli
From: Town council Green Valley
The organic baby food producer Albert Butter-Nut, has relocated his company seat to Hedgerow Ville, because he heard that Green Valley has the tenderest carrots and the juiciest spinach. He is now looking for local suppliers and is asking for a trial-delivery of 3,500 spinach plants, 2,000 potatoes and 2,700 broccoli. You will receive 10,000 points in exchange.

QUEST 58 - 1 gazebo2
From: Town council Green Valley
The chairman of Green Valley's gardeners' society is celebrating his silver wedding. The party is scheduled to take place in his own garden. Unfortunately his wooden gazebo has collapsed under the load of visitors during the society's last garden-party. Deliver a gazebo 2, to save the day! The chairman is prepared to pay you 7,500.00 gB.

QUEST 59 - 4000 Cauliflowers, 4000 Broccoli and 4000 asparagus
From: Town council Green Valley
The food manufacturer Captain Fishbone is looking for organic vegetables, to produce his newest fish-delicacy "Organic Fish Bake". Only the best quality is good enough, as the test-eaters of the local gnome consumer's union, are known to be unrelenting. For your delivery of 4,000 broccoli, 4,000 cauliflowers and 4,000 asparagus, the fish producers will pay you the handsome sum of 40,000.00 gB.

QUEST 60 - 12500 crocuses
From: Town council Green Valley
The producer of GBC's successful mystery show "XXX" has chosen Green Valley as setting for the newest episode "Crop Circles". The vanguard director Friedrich von Fluster unfortunately insists on staging the chase scene through the crops in a circular crocus-bed. The desperate producer now urgently needs 12,500 crocuses. As reward for your services, he has promised to hand you formidable 10,000.00 gB and 9,000 Points.

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