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Belgium is, without any doubt, the beer country in the world.

Belgium has more than 1.500 different beers and most of them are really good not to say excellent. There is a large variety of types. Well-known are the wheat beer, the Fruit Lambics and the Abbey beers. A lot of these beers are blessed with extraordinary names such as: “Ambetanterik” (Nuisance), “Bierbuik” (Beer belly), “Gouden Arend 125” (Golden Eagle 125), “Moeder Overste” (Mother Superior), “Mort Subite” (Sudden Death), “Quest”, “Satan Red” and “Zingende Blondine” (Singing Blonde).

Last year “Westvleteren 12” was rated as best beer of the world. A Trappist beer which should be served in a Trappist glass.
Aside from the brewery itself, the only other official sale point for the beer is the abbey-owned cafe and visitor's centre opposite the abbey.
Buyers receive a receipt with Niet verder verkopen ("Do not resell") printed on it.

The brewery and the Belgian retailer Colruyt were bringing a gift pack (6 bottles Westvleteren 12 with 2 glasses) for sale against exchange of promotional coupons printed in selected media. Goal of the sales (and a first in the history of the brewery) is to increase income to provide funds for urgent and immediate renovations at the monastery. Sales were limited to 93.000 packs with one pack per coupon at 25,00 Euro/pack.
Furthermore gift packs were available to attendees of a Shelton Brothers beer festival (US) in June 2012 at a price of $85 and at a select list of locations in 22 states on December 12, 2012 at a controlled price of $84.99.A six pack (at CAD$76.85) was sold out on December 11, 2012 at various locations in Ontario.

Another famous beer is Delirium Tremens, a blonde, Belgian-style trippel, named as "Best Beer in the World" in 2008 at the World Beer Championships in Chicago. Even Stuart Kallen gives it the number one spot in his book, The 50 Greatest Beers in the World.
On the 8th of March this year, international women’s day, the brewery announced an action around beer and women. On the 23rd of March 10 women (8 Belgian and 2 Italian) , selected from more than 100 volunteers, will brew a brand new beer as the little sister of the famous Delirium Tremens under the name “Deliria”.

So in the near future families will be able to enjoy a great beer with a “delirium” for him and a “deliria” for her.


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