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Quaggy - my introduction Empty Quaggy - my introduction

Post  Quaggy on Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:52 am

Hi. I'm Quaggy.

I like walnuts.

I've been playing the game for three or four years now and am currently ranked player number 2 on server 1. I started playing when I was bored, snowbound in a hotel in New Jersey. It was on one of many trips there so I'm unable to pin down an exact date, but I enjoyed playing and it passed the time until the thaw came! I quickly became obsessed with playing, and am glad that when I decided to join a Guild it was Palm Trees Suck (set up and run by Shoddybugger at the time).

I like walnuts.

When I'm not harvesting walnuts I'm either working, sleeping, walking the dog, or in a pub. Sometimes I walk the dog in the pub and kill two birds with one stone.

I live in a very rural part of England which is great in the summer, and challenging in the winter when it snows, especially as the nearest shop is over three miles away.

I like walnuts.

I enjoy being part of the Guild as it adds a social dimension to the game, and makes it a lot more fun. I'm a bit of a statto, so I keep a close eye on Guild Members' progress, and like to kick out a congratulatory message as new levels are reached, so watch out for yours when you next move up in the game!

Hope the forum does well - it's a more relaxed atmosphere in which to chat than the Regulars' Table - well done to Emma for setting it up.

Cheers all,


PS - my favourite crop? Walnuts.


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Quaggy - my introduction Empty Introduction

Post  MUIZEKE on Thu Dec 06, 2012 6:21 am

Hi; My name is MUIZEKE; me and my misses play this game for over almost 3 years now and it started as a bet between friends.

The player who got the most points after 1 year has won a dinner for 2.

You guess we won and we are the only one of the original group of players that are in the game.
On this moment we have no more goals in this game and we putting ourselfs and our knowledge at your service by running the Guild storage and help so manny players as possible thru the Quest's.

The last year i have planting nothing else than coffee to get a storage for our members to kill the awful coffee Quest's.

If anyone of you guy's & Doll's needed something please ask for it and we make it possible.

Greets from Roger & Chrisje


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