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QUEST 81 - 600,000.00 gB
3rd Emperor's quest
Hedgerow Ville's streets are in a miserable state. Only last week, a bus-load of gnomes has vanished in a pot-hole! As emperor, it is your duty, to take care of your subjects' well-being. Your Road Construction Office is estimating an amount of 600,000.00 gnome Bucks to repair the damages. By the way, advertising your coffee has paid off. The gnomes now love coffee!
Deliver 600,000.00 gB for the maintenance of Hedgerow Ville' roads.

QUEST 82 - 42,500 coffee-beans
4th Emperor's quest
You have succeeded in sensitizing your Gnome's taste-buds to the joys of coffee. Actually, they may even be a bit too crazy about it… Who would have thought! The supermarket and the market place have been completely cleaned off, and there hasn't been a new delivery for days now. Green Valley without coffee! Revolution is lurking just around the corner… Start growing new coffee immediately, so your customers can refresh themselves. Your empire needs at least 42,500 coffee beans. As soon as you have solved this problem, we need to take care of our nutcracker-production.
Deliver 42,500 coffee-beans, to calm down your people.

QUEST 83 - 45,000 walnuts
5th Emperor's quest
Many of your subjects have started making their money by producing nutcrackers. Unfortunately, nuts have become so expensive in the meantime, that the selling of nutcrackers has seriously stagnated. The poor gnomes are out of work, and have no idea how to spend all of their free time. Supply the market with walnuts, so nutcrackers are in demand again. 45,000 walnuts should to the trick.
Deliver 45,000 walnuts, to crank up the selling of nutcrackers.

QUEST 84 - 1,500.000.00 gB
6th Emperor's quest
Oh mighty Emperor, the spectre of inflation is threatening our empire! If we don't do anything now, all our gnomes will in the end have to suffer. We should found a bank, to watch over the financial market. Your financial adviser John Greenbucks has cooked up a cunning plan, and plans to buy shares in order to calm the system. So he can start, however, he needs 1.500.000.00 gB. If you manage to fight this ghastly inflation, your people will honour you with a medal.
Pay 1,500.000.00 gB, to found a bank and fight inflation. Your efforts will be awarded with a medal for you display-garden.

QUEST 85 - 125,000 lilies, 18,500 orchids and 225,000 roses
7th Emperor's quest
Our fertilizer-producers are on strike! The beautiful gardens are in serious danger of withering, if the gnomes cannot get a hold of new fertilizer soon. Fortunately the leaders of the local fertilizer-union are pretty vain. You might be able to convince them to stop this strike, by sending them 125,000 lilies, 18,500 orchids and 225,000 roses. Then we can finally continue watching our favorite show "The Amazing Garden", without having to worry about our own gardens.
Deliver 125,000 lilies, 18,500 orchids and 225,000 roses, to end the strike of Hedgerow Ville's fertilizer-producers.

QUEST 86 - 22,500 lavenders and 22,5000 olive-trees
8th Emperor's quest
Every Wednesday night, all of Green Valley's inhabitants are sitting in front of their TVs these days, to watch the popular show "The Amazing Garden". The show, hosted by Bill Flowflan, is presenting the most picturesque corners of our beautiful country. Mr. Flowflan has now sent you a letter, in wich he asked if it might be possible to show your imperial garden. Your chamberlain, caught off guard, was quite displeased… Send him 22,500 lavenders and olive-trees, to beautify your garden.
Deliver 22,500 lavenders and 22,5000 olive-trees to your chamberlain, in order to beautify your garden for the popular show "The Amazing Garden".

QUEST 87 - one slide, one stone-circle, two sitting-areas and one zen-garden
9th Emperor's quest
The Queen of Calagala is honoring the Empire with a visit. Unfortunately, the noble lady is known for her sophisticated taste. She will only accept the best of the best. That's why your ambassador is having an entire hotel refurbished. The hotel's garden, however, still lacks a bit of style and ambiance. Purchase one slide, one stone-circle, two sitting-areas and one zen-garden, to help make the garden meet the Queen's high standards.
Purchase one slide, one stone-circle, two sitting-areas and one zen-garden, to beautify the hotel's the garden for the Queen's visit.

QUEST 88 - 7,000,000 carrots
10th Emperor's quest
Oh mighty Emperor, a plague of rabbits is menacing the Molehill Empire1! The furry ferrets have started munching your people's vegetables straight out of their gardens. Fortunately the pied piper of Mammlin has offered to lead the animals away from your people's fields. He has developed a special carrot-bait, the rabbits simply cannot resist. Deliver him 7 million carrots, so he can get going. A citizens' initiative has already started building a high-security cage for the rabbits' leader, Master Hare.
Deliver 7,000,000 carrots, to end the rabbit-plague. The pied piper has promised to return with a proof of his success.

QUEST 89 - 1,000,001.00 gB
11th Emperor's quest
Your last law, forbidding the trade of fighting moles has enraged shady Al Gardone. He is now threatening to let all his moles loose in your imperial gardens, as soon as the law has been passed. We should put an end to this, and employ a towns watchman, so he can keep an eye on Al. His training is a bargain, it will cost a you a mere 1,000,001.00 gB.
Deliver 1,000,001.00 gB to the city council, so they can start training a town's watchman, to keep Al Gardone in check.

QUEST 90 - 72,000 coffee-beans
12th Emperor's quest
Your lordship, our researchers have started an amazing project. We are going to send a gnome to the moon! Your name will most certainly end up in the history-books, and all other countries will envy our success. We have discovered, that pulverized coffee makes for an excellent rocket-fuel. Deliver 72,000 coffee-beans to the GNASA, so they can launch the rockets.
Deliver 72,000 coffee-beans for the production of rocket-fuel, so the GNASA can send the first gnome to the moon.

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